Unique Ceiling Treatments for a Stylish Home

When a homeowner first thinks about having a renovation or remodeling job done by a custom home builder, they may imagine artfully painted walls, built-in cabinets and imported tile work on the floors. In most cases, the ceiling of a room is an afterthought, but there are several reasons why the ceiling should be considered in the decorating process. Ceilings have so many more treatment styles than painted or plastered and the homeowner should consider them all to compliment all the other decorating choices they have made in the remodelling or building process.

For ceilings,  paint and plaster remain the most common treatments in any room of the house. In most cases, the ceiling is painted white, off-white or a paler shade of the wall color. Although popcorn is out, plaster treatments can add a three dimensional layer of interest to a room. At its most basic, a builder can install plaster medallions around light fixtures or fans. Whole ceiling treatments with plaster lines, rosettes, patterns and edging are other options.

When it comes to current home remodeling options, some unique ideas for the ceilings include dimensional ceilings with cut-outs, extensive molding, unique constructed shapes, exposed beams.

In fact, ceilings are getting similar treatments to floors in newly renovated homes. Wood boards running the length or width of the room cover the ceiling in such a way as to make the room look larger than it really is. Although narrow bead board is one of the more popular applications for ceilings, wider boards are also being used. These are most frequently painted white or stained a lighter color for country or cottage style homes.

Tiles are also showing up on ceilings of some of the smaller rooms in the house such as the bathrooms and front foyer or hallways. As diverse as floor tiles are, so too are ceiling tiles. These are not the two-foot square plastic drop ceiling tiles found in your grandmother’s basement. Imagine instead clean and shiny subway tiles arranged in an arch over head, or a herringbone pattern of natural rock tones gracing the ceiling of the front hall that melds neatly into the outdoor living space of the front porch.

Ceiling treatments have come a long way from the boring paint and panels of years past. With the right  builder or remodeler, the third dimension of every room in your house does not need to be forgotten. Consider boards, tiles and three dimensional types of wall plaster treatments to add interest overhead in every room of your home.