Top Staircase Remodels for Entrance Elegance

Most homes have their staircases prominently positioned in or near the front hallway. If your staircase is the focal point of the foyer you want it to look its best to improve the first impression visitors have of your home. For instance, if the steps suffer from some damage or simply look very out of date, you might want to invest in staircase remodels or renovation.

Classic and Traditional Staircase Remodels

Many older homes have very classic staircase styles. These are usually crafted from wood and have solid risers between the steps. There is usually a straight railing along the wall as well as one on the outside of the stairs with decorative posts and finish caps.

If you want to keep this traditional staircase look, but still want renovation for something new you might want to consider splitting the staircase into two shorter parts if the layout of your house allows this. Having a broader base that someone can step on from all directions that goes up a few steps and then turns for the majority of the staircase presents a slightly more elegant look.

Elegant and Timeless Staircases

For true elegance, you cannot beat a double staircase that curves invitingly around the walls of the grand front hall and swoops up to and open hallway on the top floor. However, if you do not have such a large foyer, you can get the same look with just one staircase. Have it constructed broader than usual with a curved layout and decorative railings.

Remember that one of the main features of very elegance their cases is how it matches to the railings on an upper floor. These are mostly ideal for entrance ways or living spaces with very high cathedral ceilings. You can search for ideas with the some of these types of keywords: Open Staircase Designs, and Staircase Remodel Pictures.

Staircase Remodels With High Modern Style

If you want to go modern, consider glass and metal as the construction materials for your front staircase. These staircases may seem suspended on cables, encased in a glass box or even left completely open with just a railing on the inner wall safety. There are even staircases akin to floating shelves you may hang on your wall. The slab of wood, metal or glass is securely affixed to the wall but has no other visible means of support.

Modern style staircases also have the most unique shapes. While traditional straight stairs and gentle curves can also be designed in a modern look, more angles and tight curves are also seen. A circular staircase done in industrial style metal can definitely add a large burst of style to any hallway.

While many people only replace their staircases if they become structurally unsound or damaged, a total renovation can add a lot of style to your front hall without incurring the expense of a complete remodel. With options ranging from wire-suspended glass slabs to broad wooden stairs flanked by artistically carved newel posts, there is an perfect choice for every home remodeling project.