College_Station_BuildersWhile most homeowners do not neglect their monthly budget and payments, home decoration is usually close to the bottom of their list of priorities. A stretched budget doesn’t need to get out of shape when it comes to ways for homeowners to find thrifty ways to update their home design and style. Most College Station builders can offer great tips to stay in budget while staying in style!

Frugal and Trendy Décor

A huge budget is not necessarily a requirement to make a home beautiful and cultured. There are times when quality decorative products can be found at a much lower price with a discerning eye. There are two common places where such stylish decor to beautify a house can be found:

  • Yard sales or consignment stores – There are gently used items and pieces that look brand new available at yard sales for a fraction of their retail price. Be picky and realistic; if not, there is a risk the items purchased will end up in a garage sale in a few months. Take time to browse closely and only select those items that are truly special. Yard sales usually happen on the weekend, so get out early on those mornings to search for perfect, low-priced items that will fit any taste.
  • Internet – There are great sites on the internet such as eBay and craigslist where the right searching can lead to great items at a great price. Since eBay is an auction site and very crowded with users searching for good deals, buyers frequently engage in a bidding war for an item. On the other hand, craigslist has thousands of postings from different people who are offering items in a wide variety of categories both new and slightly used and are generally listed at a very reasonable price sometimes even free! Overall, the internet is the best place to find great savings if you know what and where to look.

Home Decor Trends

Since a home represents the personality and reputation of its owners, most individuals do not want their home to get behind with current trends. The ideas below are the current styles for home decoration.

  • Vintage Items – Popular vintage items repurposed or replica home furnishings from the 50’s up to the 70’s are currently gaining in popularity.
  • Color Trends – The color trend of 2010 will be carried through to 2011 and include sassy colors like bold orange, lime green and Caribbean blue, along with sage green, mocha brown, and other complimentary yet subdued hues.
  • Retro Furniture – Furniture styles with geometric accents or curved back furniture from the 50’s and 60’s are coming back.
  • Wall Murals – There are repositionable wall murals that can easily cover walls in a home. This cost-effective material can be used as a decorating solution either long-term or temporarily.
  • Lighting – L.E.D. lighting continues to be the best lighting system. Chandeliers in bathrooms, closets or bedrooms as well as any glass art are chic yet casual for today’s home.
  • Kitchens – Most homes are making their kitchen high quality and well-designed with open floor plans that integrate into the rest of the house. Green alternatives for a countertop are still the best fit for a kitchen.
  • Floors – The eco-friendly practice of using hardwood from reclaimed flooring with the added warmth of round rugs is still the best option for a polished-looking floor.
  • Ceilings – Ceilings painted with metallic paint and accented with eye-catching large chandeliers greatly enhance the “fifth wall” of a home.
  • Eco-Friendly – Green is still in, so products and materials that are environmentally friendly such as copper, bronze, and clay which can be recycled and natural textures such as hemp or recycled polyester can be used to create an organic wall.

In the current economic climate, homeowners don’t need to feel that they have to tighten their budget or completely neglect their home’s decor. These ideas can help keep any home up-to-date while being friendly to the wallet. There are College Station builders who can help build the best custom home and at the same time offer a guide on the best ways to save on home design without compromising the look of the home!

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