KitchenBacksplashes began life as functional conveniences, an easy-to-clean surface that protected kitchen walls, especially those behind the stove, sink and preparation areas. But it didn’t take long for kitchen designers and homeowners to realize that a distinctive backsplash can also help a kitchen look great. Many kitchens have limited wall space where you can add your own decorator touches. Backsplashes are a perfect place to do so, one of the most popular places to add flair to a kitchen. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or simply looking for a way to perk it up without doing a full remodel, changing a backsplash is easy to do, not terribly expensive and can be done at any time because it doesn’t cause a major disruption to kitchen use.

Backsplashes can be found in a multitude of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to add their own tastes to decorating their kitchen. They are also available in numerous materials, stone, stainless, laminated, tiles and others. All have their pros and cons, but which is right for your family’s kitchen? People often choose to use the countertop material as a backsplash, but don’t let this be your only option. The backsplash provides a fantastic opportunity for adding your own ideas to your kitchen.

028-kitchenCGM Homes can help you with changing your kitchen’s backsplash. We are familiar with both the classic timeless styles many homeowners are choosing and with the modern trends many homeowners prefer.  Because we are pros, we know where to find what you want and how to install it for you expertly and efficiently.

Countertops are hand-in-glove with backsplashes. If you’re thinking to go a little further than just a new backsplash with your kitchen update, countertops are a logical consideration.  There are more options than ever in countertop surfaces, each with pros and cons. Here are a few for your considerations.

Stone is trendy right now and there are almost limitless choices, all of them extremely durable… granite, marble, limestone, and slate to name a few. They’re unfazed by heat, and unaffected by everyday acids like coffee, citrus, and vinegar; in other words, they can take a lot of abuse. Stone offers a broad range of colors, grains, finishes, and textures, which means they can work with any design scheme. Stone makes a wonderful style statement.

Ceramic tile countertops offer classic style. Tiles are available in all colors and stamped images, vegetables, flowers, animals, toys and others. It’s highly resistant to stains and heat, and easy to repair if a damaged tile needs replacement. Always buy extra when choosing tile, because manufacturers change patterns and colors often. Even seemingly common tile can be hard to find later. Tile is very versatile, and counters can be made in virtually any shape. A couple cons for consideration are it can be high-maintenance, grout lines can stain and require regular cleaning and tiles can crack and chip.

11-kitchen-1Solid surfacing (DuPont’s Corian was the first) countertops are now made by half a dozen manufacturers. They’re flowing, seamless, nonporous, do not stain, and it can be curved in all different ways for a customized shape. It’s offered in a vast range of trendsetting patterns and tones. It’s cheaper than stone but pricier than tile. It’s only heat-resistant and it will scratch, so you shouldn’t cut directly on it.

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