Home Builders in College Station, TX Put a Focus on Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Counts In A New or Renovated Home

Everyone knows that curb appeal is essential when selling your home, but even if you plan to live there for several years, it is important that your home is attractive from the street.

Things that increase the beauty of the home’s facade include roof variety, custom windows, front porches, and landscaping around the front walk and driveway.

The driveway itself could make a statement with patterned cement or paver blocks instead of standard black top or concrete. This should flow naturally into the front walk which could be lined with stone to match the exterior of the home. The choice of windows and doors can also enhance the curb appeal of a home.

Although curb appeal seems to have more to do with landscaping and outdoor maintenance, it can also be affected by the shape and structure of the house itself.  Whether the home is built with painted shingles or stone, has turrets and gables or a smooth roofline or includes a front courtyard, an old-fashioned porch or simply a grand entrance way, each will increase curb appeal in a different way.