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Designing Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

When people think of custom builders, large, beautiful homes with unique style and elegance come to mind first. It is true that experienced house design and construction companies can deliver a building with exceptional style for your family to live in comfortably. But after creating spacious rooms with luxurious materials and fixtures, they will not stop at the outside walls. Custom home builders in College Station TX extends their expertise in designing outdoor living spaces as well.

How to extend the living area of the home into the yard?

Porches – While the front porch welcomes you and your family home after work, school or vacation, back and side portions can provide a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the view of your yard. Porches are usually made of masonry, brick or stone, but can also be wood.

Some custom home builders design small porches that just lead to the front door, while others extend them across the entire width of the house. They can provide a sturdy footing for structural columns to support the roof overhang and can even be close for protection against whether, son and insects.

Decks – Extend a wooden porch farther and it becomes a deck. These flat surfaces are usually accessed through a wide door into one of the living areas or bedrooms of the house and can be one level or multiple levels. Some even start from the upstairs rooms and have staircases that lead down to a lower deck. Custom builders can design the perfectly shaped deck to match your home style and backyard landscaping design.

Many texts are enclosed with the railing and some include built in seating around the edge to invite more people to relax in the backyard together. Some may also enclose a hot tub or a fire pit for even more entertainment possibilities.

Patios – These flat slabs of concrete, brick or stone offer the perfect place for family to have a barbecue or relax on lounge chairs. These are popular in backyards that have pools as the patio can flow into a path or pool surround without changing material for a more cohesive look.

Just like wooden decks are enclosed with railings, patios are often separated from the yard with short masonry walls. Included fire pits, barbecue grills or outdoor fireplaces with chimneys are great options.

Pergolas –In the hot Texas sun, having a source of shade in the backyard is ideal if you and your family want to spend a considerable amount of time enjoying the fresh air. Pergolas are usually constructed of wood and consist of multiple upright columns and either lattice or angle boards as the roof of the structure. This provides some shade without blocking any breezes or views.

Home Builders in College Station TX

For new homes in Texas, other options for protecting people and the house from the hot College Station, Texas sun include freestanding solid roofs, decorative metal or wood arbors with or without vines growing over them, and gazebos of any shape and size.