Custom Builder College Station - Options for Exterior Elegance

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When you pull into the driveway after a long day at work, the exterior of your custom home greats you. Landscaping and the design of the front porch and door are not the only things that should welcome you home. A quality custom builder understands that exterior material options can also play a large role in how a new home makes the owner feel.

Besides being attractive and elegant, the materials used on the outside of the house must also be durable, weather-resistant and long-lived. Practicality combined with style is the goal.

A custom builder may use one of  the materials below which are most commonly found on home exteriors in the College Station, Texas area:

Wood – Genuine and Manufactured

Real wood shingles are not frequently used in Texas because of the climate and availability. Other options include engineered wood, which stands up to harsh conditions such as higher heat and can be painted and used very much like the real thing. Vinyl siding crafted with a texture similar to wood is also used. These, however, are not the most common or elegant when it comes to custom built luxury homes in the College Station, Texas area.


There is something stately and elegant about brick. It’s sturdy appearance and long-lasting style is used most often in varying shades of off-white and tan. Red brick is a more northeastern style although it is also used for accents and occasional walls. Brick in general is frequently used only on part of the front and side facades of the house. For example, front entryways or windows may be surrounded by this classy material.


The proximity of Texas to Central and South America means a lot of their design influences custom home building in the area. Stucco exterior walls are both very popular in the region and well-suited for the southern climate. This material is a combination of sand, lime, cement and water. It requires a metal mesh base to adhere to when application is done. Stucco is most often an off-white or tan color, but can also be dyed in various natural shades to match a homeowner’s personal taste. A very good choice, stucco is a popular method for a custom home builder College Station.


When it comes to stately elegance, nothing suits a home’s exterior better than stone. While there are stone veneer options available, which lower the cost considerably, natural stone exterior siding is absolutely luxurious. Many options of stone types exist in a wide array of colors: white, tan, brown and gray. The shapes of the stones also vary: round, regular cut blocks of different sizes and irregular slabs or chunk shapes.

Combinations of the above exterior siding types will often lead to the best result. The custom home builder College Station understands how to create a signature style that will truly make the home stand out in the neighborhood.