How Your Neighborhood May Affect Custom Home Building Plans

When you and your family make the decision to move to the College Station, Texas area, finding perfect custom home builders is vital to getting everything you want from your new house. Instead of spending your money on someone else’s old dream, or buying a boring tract house that looks like all the others in the neighborhood, having your own house designed and built to your specifications is a very exciting prospect. Before you sign the papers on the property where your future house will rest, however, make sure the neighborhood allows the type and style of house you want to build.

What are some of the limitations neighborhoods put on custom builders?

Quite a few of the upscale neighborhoods in the Bryan and College Station areas are governed by homeowners associations that make mutually agreed-upon rulings about the characteristics of the homes that can be built within. Some of these restrictions may include:

  • Specific allowed roof angles
  • Limitation on exterior siding or rock face
  • Size and number of windows
  • Paint and siding colors
  • Hardscaping such as front and back porches, walkways and patios
  • Limits on deck size, pergolas, gazebos and other outbuildings like sheds

Why do community associations make these limits on custom home builders?

Many believe that a neighborhood should be a place where everyone feels comfortable and included. Having a cohesive style can help this happen. These types of rules can also make everything much more successfully, which may in turn raise property values for every house nearby. At the most extreme, these rules also prevent some eccentric homeowner from painting their house hot pink or paving their entire lawn because they don’t want to cut it anymore.

How can custom home builders help you achieve your dreams without breaking neighborhood rules?

The professionals who are in the business of designing and building custom luxury homes know a wide array of styles, shapes and finishes that will look great together. Whatever neighborhood you and your family decide to move into, the right custom home builders can work with in the community guidelines and still bring your dreams to life.

When you peruse the builder’s portfolio and see a style of home you like, first it should be checked against the rules of the neighborhood you have bought property in. If the angle of the roof is too great, for example, a professional home designer can suggest alternatives that will still look wonderful. If the picture shows a house with a beautiful stone front, but the community only allows 25% stone cladding, and an experienced home builder can offer a mixture of siding and stone that will look just as wonderful.

This is the beauty of hiring the right custom home builder to design and bring your dream home to reality. Because they are experienced and knowledgeable about many different characteristics of unique luxury home building, a custom home builder can mix and match the best options for you and your family without circumventing any neighborhood organization rules where you own property.