Natural Lighting and the Custom Home Builders Plan

One of the most desired features when people build a custom home is plenty of natural lighting in every room. Very few people prefer dark houses with little or no natural light. With the popular open concept floor plans and a variety of windows options, natural lighting can fit into any home design.

Make The Windows Work for You

Large windows are often requested when the future owners first talk with their home builder. Not only can they be opened for fresh air and provide lovely views of the yard and garden, but windows also improve the natural lighting in the home.

Windows must be placed methodically in the architectural plans in order to maximize light. If they are spaced near the center of the wall, the corners of the room may be dark. Consider multiple windows or a full wall of windows for maximum exposure.

The Open Concept For Better Natural Lighting

People enjoy open concept because it creates a smoother flow from living space to living space. Builders also understand that it allows natural light to move from one room to another. This is especially important for rooms near the interior of a house that do not have an external wall with a window.

For example, if the kitchen is built against the back wall of the home, the dining room will most likely be on the other side of it. This position makes sense for serving guests, but minimizes the amount of natural light reaching the room. Your builder should understand how to open up a wall or create a pass-through in order to move the light from the kitchen through to the dining room as well.



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