College_Station_BuildersAn often overlooked area when building or designing a house is the master bathroom. From the point of view of College Station builders, this room should never be overlooked and should be given just as much, if not more, importance than the other rooms in the house. It is important to realize that this is the part of the home seen first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, which can play a significant role in setting the mood for each individual. With that in mind, following are some design tips that can greatly improve the functionality and design of this area!

  • Partitioning – Conventional master bathrooms are “open” in the sense that all of the essential functions such as the toilet, tub, and shower are located inside the same space and are easily accessed. Partitioning each element can create a more organized feel and add sophistication; this approach is desirable if there is a large floor area involved.
  • Privacy The master bathroom is meant to be a very private area; although there is of course a door to achieve this, privacy can be achieved by locating behind a walk-in closet for example. By choosing such a location, an occupant can precede with daily morning routines conveniently without disturbing anyone else close-by.
  • Proportion The proportion of the master bathroom as compared to the bedroom and the rest of house is also crucial. Determining the appropriate size of any space is done by deciding its importance in the home and how it will be utilized. When designing a master bathroom, College Station builders suggest that the ideal size should be at least one-third of the space of the bedroom. If designed too small, it is uncomfortable to use; an area designed too big appears disproportionate as compared to the rest of the area.
  • Extension When designing this area, it is important not to visualize it as an individual space but rather as an extension of the bedroom. Follow a consistent theme from the bedroom into the bathroom.
  • Central When deciding where various fixtures should be placed, some people tend to arrange them up against one wall, which tends to make the space look linear and monotonous. A better way to organize these important fixtures is to put them in a centralized location to make each one easily accessible.
  • Compatible The aesthetic features of the fixtures in an area have a large impact on the design outcome. One thing to keep in mind when selecting for this important room is consistency. The design should follow a certain theme; such as an Asian look and each additional design element should contribute to this look and not create disharmony.

According to College Station builders; while a master bathroom is not normally the biggest area in a house, its function is very vital to the household. Its design should never be neglected or not given as diligent consideration as the remainder of the home. Hopefully these design tips can offer a better perspective on how to create a master bathroom that is comfortable, functional and a real contribution to the decor of the home!

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