Life's a Party With a Custom Built Wet BarVery often, a renovation can make the living area of a home more pleasant and even drive up property value. One type of renovation to consider is a uniquely designed wet bar.

Renovation Ideas

A custom built wet bar is usually installed near the living room, dining room or other major living space in the home. It can be either a separate small room, a grotto or niche with full or half walls or be open to a larger room. Some wet bar areas have doors, others have pass through openings or windows.

Anyone who entertains regularly will appreciate it if  their home builder has turned an unused corner into a place to store liquor, wine, other beverages and glassware. This makes it a lot more convenient for serving drinks or food when entertaining for an elegant cocktail party or a more casual get together.

Consider these following for the perfect custom built wet bar:

1 – Cabinets – Every wet bar or built in dry bar area should be constructed with plenty of built in or free standing cabinets and shelves to store the glasses, cups, snack trays and alcohol.

2 – Miniature refrigerator – For ice, chilled drinks and keeping wine at exactly the right temperature, a mini fridge is absolutely necessary. The best solution for this piece of equipment is often a nook below the cabinets for the fridge.

3 – Wine rack – Not only does wine have to be kept at the right temperature, but storing it horizontally is important. Wine racks can be wood, wire or other material and should be large enough to hold several bottles.

4 – The bar – Although people coming over to your home may sit at the dining table, on the comfortable couches or chairs in the living room, having a countertop bar complete with stools is also a great choice.

5 – A small sink – A small sized sink with a moveable nozzle is the ultimate convenience in a home bar. Not only will the sink be invaluable for mixing some cocktails, but also for quick cleanup of glasses and the counter too. The small sink often eliminates extra trips to the kitchen while you are entertaining.

Installing a custom wet bar in your home will improve your parties and gatherings.