Improve Home Value with Custom Home Builder Renovation Jobs

The main reason to hire a custom builder for a home renovation or remodeling project is to improve the functionality and enjoyment you get out of your home. For example, if you love to cook and have an outdated kitchen, remodeling it completely into your dream cooking space will be worth it to you personally.

Most people assume that any renovation will increase property value. In most cases, this is true. However, you will not always recoup the total cost of the renovation if you turn right around and sell the home. According to one study in 2014, a $15,000 bathroom remodeling job only added about $10,000 for home. A lot depends on how much the house is worth to begin with. If you spend $50,000 on a complete overhaul of the kitchen on a $150,000 home, the house is not suddenly worth $200,000.

The most commonly renovated rooms are the kitchen and the bathrooms. These add more value to the home overall than if you renovated a bedroom or the foyer. However, if you plan a major remodel  on of one of these rooms, you should take into account what the rest of the house looks like so there is not a big discrepancy in style  when moving from the brand-new kitchen with all the latest gear into an outdated dining room or living room.  Still, the time to renovate any area of the home is when you still live there and can enjoy it.

What type of home renovation and remodeling projects add the most value?

Surprisingly, one of the most effective property value increases doesn’t cost much money at all and is a simple process: replacing the front door with a more attractive and more secure model. After this, new custom kitchens come next. Additions of decks, patios and other outdoor living spaces follow kitchens as the third most valuable updates to make to a home.

Some remodeling projects that home builders can plan and complete for you that will definitely add value to the home include the construction of completely new rooms. Adding a fourth bedroom to a three-bedroom home definitely boost the value disproportionately to the cost of the addition. Anything that bumps the existing house into a new value bracket works.

Custom Home Builder

Not only can your builder show you an extensive gallery of options, but also walk through your home the point out where things can be changed to not only increase the resale value but also your enjoyment of your home while you still live there. Your builder can help you decide what remodeling and renovation projects make sense for you and your family.