Interviewing Custom Home Builders to Find the Perfect OneThere are several custom home builders in College Station, TX, and while we think we are the best for all your home building and customization needs, we understand the need to feel confident with your decision of which customer home builders to use for your new or existing property.

When you first meet with the custom builders you are considering for a new home, a renovation or a remodel, there are certain questions you should ask during the initial interview process. We welcome these questions and any more you can think up in order to deliver the best customer service possible to you.

What Questions Should You Ask?

1 – Is the builder fully licensed and insured?

All home builders in College Station, TX  need to have the applicable licenses, permits and insurance in order to legally work on building or renovating houses. Any building company should be eager to show theirs to you to ease your mind.

2 – Will the builder keep the home owner apprised of the costs every step of the way and work to budget?

Everyone who has ever built or renovated a house knows that estimates may not always match up with the end cost. However, having an open book policy when it comes to money gives the owner peace of mind and also lets the builder be absolutely sure he will not have upset client on his hands. If anything in the cost estimate changes, it should be revealed right away.

Also, whatever budget the home owner gave should be adhered to closely.

3 – How many properties does a builder work on at a time? And how many laborers/sub-contractors do they  have working on each?

The more homes a builder works on at the same time, the longer some projects might take. This question is best asked in conjunction with asking how many people will be working on the home. As long as there are enough sub-contractors and laborers, professional home builders can work on many homes at the same time without a problem.

4 – How long will the whole process take?

This is another question of estimation, and that can change based on several factors. Any quality custom home builder should be able to give a schedule for the process: electrician on Tuesday, drywall on Thursday, paint next Monday, for example. All delays should be revealed to the property owners as well.

5 – Will I be allowed to walk through and change my mind about things in the middle of work?

When having a custom home built or a home remodeled, there comes a time when the only way to change your mind is to rip out everything already completed and start over. This extends the time to finish and the budget. Your builder should allow regular walk throughs to check on the progress, but will probably not allow the owner to wander around the job site pointing out new projects. Besides being disruptive, it is simply not safe.