College_Station_BuildersBuilding a house is a huge decision; it can take years of preparation and savings and still cause a great deal of stress.  Once the job has finally been completed by College Station builders, it is possible to sit back, relax, and enjoy a brand new custom-designed home.

Use a Professional

Professional contractors have the know-how to help during all the stages involved in bringing such a building project to life. They can be a valuable asset to help make important decisions such as land purchase and building design – decisions that are only made once. Such professionals can be a helping hand to take prospective buyers through project pros and cons such as floor plan ideas; their knowledge is invaluable and can eventually produce an outstanding finished home, perfectly suited to an owner’s tastes and lifestyle.

Plan Choices

Other than financial limits, home plan designs are limitless and the choices overwhelming. The starting point in any such project would be to prepare a list divided between ‘needs’ and ‘wants.’ Such a list is a starting point for discussions with College Station builders about a viable home design what would also include budget, materials, and finishing details to wind up with a workable home design plan.

Decisions to be Made

Before construction can begin, all major decisions must be made about a house design; the lifestyle of the building occupants will be an invaluable part of any choices in areas such as:

  • Size – There are several factors to consider when making the decision as to what size house is needed; however, the two main deciding factors are budget and number of occupants in the residence. A family unit with three children and two large dogs will have vastly different requirements than a single person with no children or pets.
  • Interior – The number and type of rooms that are both needed and desire are vital decisions impacting the interior design of a house. ‘Needs’ would include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms adequate for the family size. ‘Wants’ would be choices between formal living rooms and family rooms; kitchens with eating areas and/or formal dining rooms; and an open floor plan versus enclosed separate areas. Such choices are often based on: family size and subsequent needs; entertaining versus family time; and of course any necessary budget considerations.
  • Exterior – The architectural style of a home must be decided. Individual tastes will prevail here when choices are made about: material for the building exterior; desired window and door types; and a general exterior color scheme. Decisions in this area would also include the addition of a deck, porch or patio for outdoor entertaining purposes.
  • Landscaping – The entire outside grounds area is another vital consideration. In addition to decisions about a porch or a deck, the addition of an entire outdoor entertainment area to include an outdoor kitchen could be decided at this time as well as a swimming pool or some other type of water feature. Other considerations would include the type of trees, bushes, plants and lighting to be included in a landscaping plan. Again, all of this is dependent upon the budget.
  • Additional Considerations – Other things that could be included in design plans based on needs, wants, and budget as well as added convenience could include: office space, laundry room, walk-in closets and pantry, cooking island, built-in shelving and mud room to name a few. Bigger decisions to make when drawing up design plans would be the addition of a basement, attic, garage, and front entryway that would be expensive and could affect the position of the building.


It is much easier and more cost-effective to customize during the building process rather than after building is complete. Most house designs do leave some room for further customization after the fact; however, if there is any possibility of an addition at a later date, the decision of where the addition would be built should be made as this would certainly decrease possible problems at a future date.

All project decisions can be handled with assistance of College Station builders to bring the final design closer to completion and the start of construction. With the project in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable home builder, the finished structure will look exactly the way it was envisioned to be!

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