Older Home Renovations for a New Modern Style

Although the idea of a newly constructed custom home is exciting for many property owners, the financial reality is that knocking down an existing house to build new one or buying an empty lot for construction is not realistic. Also, people may love the location and structure of their existing home, but it just needs updating and renewal. The perfect option is a home renovation that incorporates all your favorite modern features into the existing house.

Home Renovations

Most people interested in a renovations do not go for a full gut rehab. They keep existing walls, floors and fixtures like staircases and the actual floorplan of the house. If the home has very small rooms and you prefer a more open flow, knocking down a few walls or cutting pass-throughs in the walls can be a great option. For your home renovation, just make sure no load bearing walls are destroyed or the structural integrity of your home may suffer.

After creating the new floor plan you want, it’s time to renovate your decor by updating materials, trim and fixtures.

Floor Remodeling Options

If you want to use hardwood, consider a unique color, painted black or white or choosing a wood that is naturally striated or mottled. The latter is especially striking if you intend to have minimalistic style furniture in a material other than wood.

Large blocks of stone tile, glass tile and solid materials like epoxy or cement give a very and modern look to any room in your home remodel project. Instead of natural looking stone with variegated texture and color, consider something sleeker like black granite or highly polished gray travertine.

Modern Wall Options

Painting walls will never go out of style. For a more modernlook in your remodel, consider crisp white or a shade of cool gray and an accent wall in a bright eye-catching color. Dark colors are also quite popular as long as they are balanced out later with furniture and accent pieces.

Similar to the variety of options in flooring, tile walls for bathroom or kitchens focus on clean color and shine. Glass is also an excellent option for tiles, especially on the kitchen backsplash.

Wallpaper is also making a comeback in new modern styles. In most cases, a boldly colored or patterned wallpaper will be used instead of bright paint for an accent wall instead of papering the entire room.

Other Ways to Make an Old Home Modern

Once all the walls and floors are finished in a new modern remodel style, it is time to focus on trim and fixtures. Think sleek and minimalistic or funky and whimsical depending on your personal tastes. In most cases, modern style homes start with white, black, some great and add bright splashes of color. Renovate your home with unexpected surprises around every turn.

Of course, once the home remodel is complete, you need to leave some money in the budget to buy new furniture, lamps and decorations.

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