Home Remodeling Options with Custom Builders in College Station, TX

Although a custom home builder can build a luxurious and unique home from the ground up, they also can offer custom remodeling options for various rooms in an existing house. If you wish to add additional style, functionality or value to your home, consider hiring CGM Home Builders, Inc. who also have the expertise and experience to renovate kitchens, bathrooms and any other room that needs an update.

For more extensive renovations than simply changing floor tile or installing cabinets, CGM Home Builders can work with you to determine precisely the look and feel you want in a room. To increase property value the most, kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled rooms.

Kitchen Home Remodeling Options

Since so much time is spent each day in the kitchen, it makes sense that many homeowners want to keep this room up-to-date and include all the latest appliances and technology. Part of a kitchen remodeling project  might include selecting new appliances; but before you get to that point, a review of the existing layout and possibilities is necessary.

Would the cabinets be more convenient on the opposite wall? Does it makes sense to include an island with stools? How can the entire space be transformed into a well-equipped and highly attractive room people will love to gather in?

Bathroom Home Remodeling Options

Bathrooms are also  frequently remodeled to improve property value. No matter what size room already exists, an expert home builder can transform it into an oasis for relaxation.

This can be achieved with different floor tile, wall treatments, shower surrounds, deep soaker tubs, custom vanity cabinets and unique lighting fixtures.

Other Custom Home Remodeling Options

Home builders with extensive knowledge  of design and construction options can help you decide which remodeling projects will make the most difference throughout the home. After kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, game or media rooms and even hallways are popular areas to renovate to improve functionality and enjoyment of the space.

Living rooms are often remodeled to have a ceiling with exposed beams, a wall of brand-new windows to view the gardens outside, a rustic stone fireplace and hearth or even a built in cabinets for electronic equipment or a wine cabinet.

No matter what part of your house you wish to update and renew, CGM Home Builders can help you discover the right designs and accents to add and then can make the dreams a reality.