Home_Builders_College_StationOne of the main aspirations of homeowners has always been to own a dwelling that provides not only a sense of personal pride but also abundant luxury and comfort. While that may not be feasible for everyone actually purchasing a home, a splendid home is attainable with the right ideas and the right help to implement such desires. Home builders College Station can assist in turning a humble abode into a castle fit for a king and queen once the time is right and motivation is sufficient to make such changes as the property might need.

Following are some areas of the home that would be responsive to some thoughtful alterations that would allow the home interior to be more luxurious and distinctive, starting with the existing basic components.

  • Floors – Upgrading floors and carpets can make quite a difference. Changing the typically-installed linoleum and inexpensive tile flooring to a slate, limestone, granite or marble floor is a rapid way to add some real style to kitchens, bathrooms and stairways. The material and color could be chosen based on the style or feel desired, since different material could definitely accentuate in different ways. This also goes for carpets and carpeted areas; upgrading to a higher quality, more stylish carpet – or even forgoing carpeting altogether and replacing with hardwood or some type of stone – could make a marked difference in a home’s atmosphere.
  • Windows – Upgrading draperies and window treatments are another way to make fast improvements that will accentuate an interior. It is especially important that any window treatments match the desired style and color scheme. Once the perfect accessories are found and are combined with new flooring, there will already be a growing presence of richness that was never there before. Adding trim such as crown molding, unique window frames, and distinctive fireplace mantles can further that felling of richness even more.
  • Cabinets and Counter Tops – Cabinetry and the counters below are other areas where plain features can be redesigned and replaced with higher quality material, easily changing the look of a room. Marble surfaces in both kitchen and bath tend to add a very expensive touch while not having to necessarily be as expensive as perceived. Butcher block, stainless steel, ceramic tile and granite surfaces are also popular kitchen choices, among others. Upgraded cabinetry and trim items with materials and colors being dictated by style can turn an average, dull kitchen into a pleasant space that is both cheery and functional. These are all ideas that home builders College Station can discuss and help plan the most efficient way to attain the desired look.
  • Fixtures – Upgrading fixtures, while it can be a bit of an undertaking, can really do wonders depending on the new installation that is done. The most popular area to place more extravagant fixtures continues to be the master or main bathroom. Besides the aforementioned counter/vanity top upgrades, pedestal sinks, spa upgrades that could include sunken or raised tubs, spa tubs, shower enclosures, etc., additional lighting and designer or artisan toilet/sink bowl sets are very popular, all of which could really promote a feeling of luxury and pampering.
  • Accessories – Once some of the main cosmetic upgrades have been made, reaching that finished luxuriousness can be completed with accessorizing the rooms. Framed artwork, statues/sculptures, decorative lighting fixtures and opulent bedding can really complete a look and feel magnificent. Adding a trendy color scheme to a room or throughout the house, even the type of light bulbs used in rooms can turn a run-of-the-mill interior into a visually-pleasing masterpiece.

So, as it hopefully is easy to see, just because a home feels “average” today or offers little in the way of individual comforts and luxury does not mean there is not a traditional, stately mansion or a contemporary gallery lurking around the corner. Home builders College Station will share in a customer’s dreams and help bring out the most in luxury and style. The only limit is the imagination!

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