Foyers & Entrances

A home’s foyer is the space where you welcome guests and connects to the usual first destination once they are inside. Your home’s foyer or entrance is the place to make your guests’ first impression of your home memorable, as well as your family’s home visually welcoming.

Considerations for your foyer will include appearance, lighting and storage.

CGM Home Builders can help you with your home’s foyer. We are experts in both the classic timeless styles many homeowners envision and with the modern trends many homeowners prefer.

The front door and windows play a major role in your home’s first impression.  Your ideas for a front door may include contemporary, double, French, full glass, half glass, and stained glass. There are many considerations. If your foyer has windows, you would want to also make them compliment the door.

Flooring also plays a major role in the appearance of your foyer.  There are many options for new flooring, from classic hardwood or marble to trendy ceramic tiles.

Lighting is also important in the foyer. Is the ceiling high? Do you want a chandelier, some sort of pendant, a scone, recessed, or is there another idea you have? Then there is storage… a closet, shelves, a simple coat and hat rack?

Because we’re pros, we know where to find what you want and how to get the work finished for you expertly and efficiently. For the experience and creativity you need to get your update done right, call us at 979-764-6701.