College_Station_Home_BuildersOne of the more difficult tasks for prospective homeowners looking to custom build is knowing which piece of land to buy. There are many factors to consider, making a lot purchase a very important yet potentially difficult process.

Choosing the right lot is a major consideration that can only be done once. Working with an experienced, reputable constructor can make the difference between the land purchasing and house building processes going as planned or the entire building operation becoming a costly and dreadful nightmare.

Initial Considerations

The first location decision to be made usually includes considering such things as: school districts; necessary lot size; and the allowed budget for property in order to narrow down the search. When any basic wants and needs have been met, that is the point at which a land search can become more specific. Once a general building area has been determined, it is then time to do the heavy footwork.

Searching Methods

Building lots can be found in many ways, including: online searches; newspapers; local realtors; and by simply driving through a desired area and look for lots that are posted for sale. The actual search process can be lengthy depending upon a number of factors such as: land prices; zoning and building laws; water tables; and many other detailed considerations. Searching to find the perfect construction lot should never be rushed. It is a good idea to look for potential building lots before finalizing any kind of construction plan as a potential location might pose some limitations with a specific home plan.

Specific Areas

Another influential consideration should be finding land in residential areas where the lot as well as the house to be built on it are likely to appreciate over time and not the opposite. A good way to get a general impression of how residences in an area are appreciating is to look at any College Station home builders current homes for sale as well as any recent sales. The economy will naturally have an effect on the selling price; however, it is possible to see trends in asking prices versus sale prices, which would be useful information when budgeting to begin a long-term home ownership commitment.

Property Considerations

Once all of the above hurdles have been cleared, looking at actual property and inspecting potential plots of land can finally begin. Factors to be considered might include: size; shape; frontage; topography including how it slopes and how it drains; the view from the lot; available utilities vs. wells and septic systems; and access. Has the property already been surveyed? If it has, the land survey should be obtained and all of the property markers should be viewed so there is a clear understanding of boundaries and proximity to neighboring houses. Land topography in relation to roads and other houses may affect where the residence can actually be placed. Whether or not there is already electricity and a sewer line to the parcel could be a another deciding factor as well.

The list of questions to be answered when starting a home building project from the proverbial ground up can sometimes seem exhaustive. Yet it would be foolish and potentially disastrous to consider purchasing land on which to construct without having these and many other questions properly answered. We can guide a buyer through this important stage, assisting in making the appropriate decisions, until the perfect lot is found. At that point, home construction can hopefully begin and continue through to completion without issue. Taking the time to find the perfect lot, however long it might take, is always the safest and fastest way to go in the long run, certainly with much less chance for unexpected surprises along the way!

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