College_Station_BuildersThe area around the fireplace is the best part of a house to enjoy some relaxing time during cold weather. Gathering around with some popcorn or other snacks, playing board games and even spending a secluded romantic evening are some exciting activities that could happen in this location.

There are many different types of design options and functions available that will allow for the best selection to fit the needs of each individual household. The process of choosing the best concept may be easier for experienced professionals such as most College Station builders. For a novice, this selection process can be a bit daunting. At any rate, professional building companies can certainly help find a great fireplace design that will be a perfect fit with the current home design. Before starting a selection process, learning about some of the basic styles can greatly help in the creation of the perfect place to keep a fire.

Inherent with the selection process is discovering the different types and designs of this warm, friendly home location, some of which are listed below.

  • Masonry – This style of fireplace is typically very large and considerably heavier at a weight up to seven tons. It is made up of bricks or stones and the chimney can be of anything from masonry and bricks to concrete or metal-lined. Although this is typically a large, heavy fireplace, it is a popular style because of its impressive appearance as well as its durability and added value to the property. Masonry can set the mood of an entire room. The only drawback is that it is somewhat ineffective for heating a room and it offers more ‘feature’ then ‘function.’
  • Manufactured or Prefabricated – This design uses metal material and is crafted for burning efficiently and safely. Prefabricated styles are very versatile and can be installed within an inch from wall framing safely because this type is usually equipped with good insulation. It is advantageous for newly-built houses as is: easily installed; lightweight; aesthetically pleasing; and energy efficient. It can be covered with imitation brick on the front to make it look like masonry; it can also be given a very contemporary look with modern metalwork and clean lines. In addition, there are gas-burning versions of this type that can be installed in any room. There are accessories that can be added to the design such as fireplace inserts and direct vents; these items not only add to the overall looks but also greatly decrease energy costs.
  • Wood Burning Stoves – Another design type offered is metal flame containers made from cast-iron, welded plate steel or brick-lined. This stove-like construction has both an outlet for smoke and harmful gases as well as an inlet for air; most models are airtight which allows for only a certain amount of air to feed the fire. In this way, burning is controlled and fuel is allowed to burn more efficiently, converting up to 90 percent of the combustible material to heat. One consideration when choosing a wood stove is to ensure that it is EPA-certified via a sticker and notice that is permanently located at the back of the stove with a BTU rating measure of heat output.

Learning about some of the aspects of fireplace design is certainly helpful when selecting the best fireplace that will conform to the house as well as cater to the residents needs. For anyone who is unsure about fireplace design, it would most likely be better to consult one of the College Station builders to inquire about the right fireplace style for placement in a living room, family room, or even in bathrooms!

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