CGM Home Builders: Exteriors & Additions

After you’re settled in your home for a while the newness may wear off. That goes for the outdoors too. Naturally, you have ideas for changes and home additions, minor and major. For those who like to entertain, a garden pavilion may come to mind as a nice addition. Some people might want something minor, new shutters or the addition of a pretty fence for a border in the yard.

CGM Home Builders, a College Station, TX remodeler, are experts in exterior remodeling and home additions. Being the professionals we are, a wide variety of details many overlook come naturally to us… drainage, grading, ease of maintenance, readily or rare materials and others.

The options for outdoor remodeling and home addition ideas are endless… a wraparound porch, lattice- enclosed courtyard, pergolas and more. As you contemplate your outdoor home improvements, keep a pocket notebook handy. You will see things going to your friends or relatives homes, see things online, and ideas will just pop into your head too. With a handy notebook to jot it down, you won’t forget a good idea.

CGM Home Builders will help you with all phases of your new outdoor project. We will integrate your, and your family’s desires and tastes beginning at the design phase. We’ll incorporate the size and shape of the yard space to be used, the budget allotted, we watch all the details. We’ll make sure your finished project was everything you envisioned and hoped for.

Exterior Remodel and Home Additions

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