College_Station_BuildersTo give a house personality, elements of style should be included. This is a personal expression that can make a house an irresistible work of art. How the elements of style are incorporated into a house is the one thing that money cannot buy in terms of home building. This is the biggest reason that CGM Home Builders pays so much attention to architectural design, texture, detail, and accents to make a home look extraordinary and bring out its natural beauty.

Style plays such an important role that it has an extremely strong influence on the final home building result. One very important thing to remember is the architectural design should match the surrounding environment to make an even greater impact in its final form.

Modern Design

Modern home designs reflect the stylish and distinguishing characteristics that accentuate a home. Some of the new trends include low-pitched roofs, large glass partitions, and outdoor living space. One of the top popular aspects of style is the creation of a living space that has nine or ten foot ceiling heights. These tall ceiling heights add a sense of openness to the house. Surprisingly, low-maintenance materials such as stone floors and ceramic tiles are also very popular in current home design.

Developing quiet or private places, special purpose rooms, and outdoor living spaces are some of the other popular contemporary designs that are being added to enhance homes.

Architectural Details

Architectural details emphasize the beauty of a building. The details are not about the shape of the building but more about what makes the building attractive through the effective use of structural design. Details are what creates the interesting personality of the architecture and captures everyone’s attention. An element of style is nothing without those important details; therefore, architectural details should solicit an emotional response from viewers.

Many people like the benefit of details with a home. It makes a house unique and special and could be anything from fancy woodwork, window frames, or wall designs to unique doors that add to the aesthetic beauty of the house.

Environmental Details

The element of style is not just for the inside of the house. It must naturally flow from the inside to the outdoor area. The areas that guide one to the outside living space should blend with the environment. Exterior designs, such as carved stones and light fixtures mounted on outside walls, should transitional and intermix with the outside environment. The exterior designs and landscaping should be a welcoming transition from the inside living area to the outside area. These outside spaces should reflect beauty, functionality, and comfort.

Creating excellent interior and exterior designs start with careful considerations of the architectural details of a living space. Architects, draftsmen and College Station builders all have their own individual processes to achieve that eye-catching element of style. They all have their own skill sets to create a dream home and provide a unique building experience. A home without an element of style will simply look ordinary; however, redefinition of these aspects will make a home appealing, luxurious, and extraordinary!

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