017Traditionally, the word patio was used to refer to an inner area outside a building that was open to the outdoors usually encompassed by a courtyard. This term has evolved in meaning to refer to any outdoor area that has been hardscaped or paved and equipped with tables and chairs for dining, lounging and entertainment. At CGM Home Builders we can help you initiate the planning phase of such a project. Some things that need to be taken into consideration when constructing an outdoor area are size and design, types of material to use, and a budget, among other things. Following are some ideas that can help in the design phase of this project so that it can proceed with ease and the initial concepts can quickly materialize.


Being observant will reveal that there are many great design ideas to be seen all around. There are beautiful design concepts that can be taken from magazines, garden tours, websites, or television. A patio area can either be part of a house or a separate structure. Versatility can be incorporated by using different types of material appropriate to any area. Following are some things to consider in order to achieve the best space usage:

  • Examination – Inspect the available space to determine the size of the patio.
  • Different Shapes – Remember that there are a variety of shapes that can be used in the design, such as rectangular, square, and oval as well as a combination of many different forms.
  • Drainage – Decide whether to work with the existing drainage system or construct a new one.
  • Grading – Leveling is also important to determine how the soil will be redistributed for an even, flat base.
  • Privacy – Note that walls and enclosures used for privacy can be used as part of an outdoor room.


Creating a beautiful, unique and functional patio area is a growing trend. Home builders College Station can help to exterior spaces into an extension of the home by adding an outdoor spa, kitchen, or living area. A variety of ideas can be incorporated by design experts with other features such as fireplaces, fire pits, lighting, appliances and furniture so there will be more space to spend quality time together with family and friends. The following design tips are relatively easy to incorporate into a design concept to transform an outdoor living space into a reflection of individual tastes and needs.

  • Soft Edges To give the area a sense of informality as well as some personality, explore the idea of creating curved edges. Add some borders featuring annuals, shrubs and perennials to soften any edges. Taller plants or trees can be added to allow for extra privacy.
  • Central Feature – If the plan includes a spa or pool, create the patio around that feature to give the impression of a resort. If the budget does not allow such a luxury, install a water fountain or some other water feature that will add a soothing and relaxing feel to the surroundings.
  • Accessories – Purchase high-quality rugs that are weather-resistant and environmentally friendly to dress up an outdoor living area. Wind chimes can be added for subtle sounds or a good quality stereo for music. The right lighting can enhance the look and feel of a patio space and create a wonderful ambiance. There are solar lights or electric lights with low-voltage bulbs that are energy efficient and very appealing to the casual atmosphere.
  • Fireplace – Enjoy quality time in the evening by installing a fire pit or fireplace. Bricks, small boulders or flagstones can be added to the design for a very effective appearance.

Remember that there is a wide variety of material available for this kind of project; let imagination flow to create the perfect patio for family and visitors. When searching for experts who can help design and construct an outdoor area that will be remembered by all visitors, home builders College Station construction companies can contribute to such a great outdoor living area the patio!

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