Custom Design Home BuildersIf a custom home is what you want and you just can’t find the right plan that meets your needs, you might want to consider having a custom plan designed just for you. CGM Home Builders can help you through the design phase in a variety of ways. If you are looking for an architect, we have specific ones that we would recommend that we have worked with locally that can meet numerous budgetary needs. If an architect is not in your budget, we can recommend some home designers as well. If neither of those choices fit your needs and you are still set on creating a custom plan with CGM, we do offer in house design work to accommodate our clients. So whether you are designing a 2500 square feet or 10,000 square feet home, we can assist you in reaching your design goals. We have the experience and knowledge to offer unmatched creative solutions for your home. With every design we inspire to create unique opportunities that express your visions in new and exciting ways without substituting functional necessities. We strive to keep your design within your specific budget requirements while still providing innovative spaces, details, and the level of finishes you want. Let our team design your Custom Home and you will see the difference CGM can make.