College_Station_Home_BuildersEvery household needs a perfect laundry room. Focusing on this particular part of the house involves learning about some of the most important features and “must haves.” Rooms that are well-planned are also well-installed, so a design strategy should be established to achieve the best outcome. Built-in convenience is essential in making it easier to handle the chore of laundry. College Station home builders know that a carefully planned blueprint will achieve the goal of a pleasant work area for any type of laundry tasks. The following are some factors that should be taken into consideration.

  • Room Size – The size of this room should include enough space to accommodate not only the washer and dryer but also an area for a folding table and ironing board. There should be shelves for storing detergent, fabric softener and other such products as well as a place to store the iron and any other accessories used for cleaning clothes. The area must be carefully planned so that it has good access and a doorway size that will allow for the placement of any large laundry appliances. The most common pitfall of these spaces is that access is often too narrow, requiring that the door be removed before installing any machines which can even hinder the purchase of certain larger-sized appliances. Through careful planning, costly mistakes can be avoided.
  • Work Flow – How and where certain tasks will be performed can significantly affect the overall layout of this area. Placement of the countertop should be carefully considered because this is where most pre and post-washing tasks are done. Also to be considered is the height of the countertop or whether cabinets should be installed underneath the countertop for better storage options. This space should also accommodate the sorting of dirty and clean clothes, although the layout should attempt to avoid cross-contamination between clean and dirty clothes. College Station home builders can help customers create a concept for a laundry room that will achieve the goal of a good overall work flow to improve task efficiency.
  • Machine Options and Placement – Many people prefer washers and dryers that are front loading. They are designed to improve the washing of dirty clothes better; they are easier for loading and unloading. Placement can be either at a high or low level depending upon whether the user wants to stand or sit while doing this task.
  • Finishing Area – The finishing area is usually where the ironing, folding and storage take place. Most contractors recommend having a separate area in the room for this task. If there are large numbers of sheets, pillow cases, table clothes and other large flat pieces of linen, a folding table is needed. There should be a spot where the ironing board and iron can be set up near an electric outlet. Shelving or storage can also be installed in this area.
  • Local Building Codes – Make sure to check the local building codes, as there are certain municipalities that require a separate water storage system with auto-pumps to supply adequate water to the washer. If the water tank is set up at a good height, there will be no need to install an auto-pump.

Knowledge of the above information is a great help in achieving an efficient and pleasant laundry room. Seeking help from College Station home builders will ensure that the laundry room can be designed to accommodate the necessary machines as well as contain an organized space for folding, ironing and linen storage and make those weekly laundry chores less of a burden!

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