Come Home to a Custom Grand Entryway in College Station, TX

Custom Home Entryway

Think about having a custom home built in College Station, TX they may imagine large eat in kitchens, cathedral ceilings in the bedrooms and a luxury materials throughout. One part of the home that may not figure into a scrapbook of dreams is the entryway, but it should not be neglected when the customer home builders create the design. After all, the front door and entrance to the home is the first impression anybody will catch when they approach. It needs to be inviting, impressive, functional and secure.

An Entrance That Increases Curb Appeal

While the phrase curb appeal is often used when a real estate agent wants to stage the home for sale, it is equally as important if the family is living there with no intention to move. When you pull up in the driveway after a hard day’s work or come home from a vacation, you want to be greeted with an inviting entryway.

Choose an attractive door painted in a complementary color to the exterior facade of the house. There are also many options of storm door that can add an extra layer of security, insulation and decoration to the outside of the house. Replace the standard doorknob and locks with something a little more impressive. Remember that you’d like natural light inside your home and flank the door with windows. The front porch is just as important and custom builders can give you the best options with materials that blend nicely with the rest of the home.

Convenience and Security are Just as Important

Although the possibility of a thief bursting through your front door when you’re not home is slim, it is still important to consider security when planning the entryway to your home. Home builders with experience can suggest different options that help make the front door a more secure and convenient entrance.

Proper lighting is important whether you wish to deter thieves or simply don’t want to trip when carrying luggage into the house. Light fixtures can be built into the surrounding facade or attractive lamps can hang from the walls on either side of the door. If there are windows flanking the entrance area, consider having them treated to be opaque so light comes in but people cannot look into your home. However, being able to see out and determine who is standing on your porch is a great safety factor.

The entryway to your home may not be the first thing you think about when planning a custom home build, but it is just as important as any other aspect of the house. Professional Custom Home Builders can help you choose not only a front door, but also the material for the porch, railings to prevent falls, lighting to increase security and recommend other options that welcome you home. After all, curb appeal and the appearance of the front of the house is just as important as the ability to get everyone inside safely.

Custom Builders

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