Steps to Luxury With a Custom Home Builder College Station

Custom Home Builder College Station

The custom home design and building process takes time and a lot of energy. People eager to get into their new house as soon as possible often find themselves having to be patient while the professionals handle all aspects of the creation. A quality home builder keeps the owner in the loop as things progress, but it is helpful to understand that ten steps every custom luxury home goes through on the path from idea to move-in ready.

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  1. The Conversation with your custom home builder in College Station
    The home builder meets with the potential home buyer or property owner to talk about their needs and wants when it comes to custom design. Size, layout, rooms and cost are all discussed at length. This gives the builder enough information to move forward with various possible plans.
  2. Choices and Contracts
    Decisions are made and the contracts for the design planning and construction are written up, verified and signed. Initial payments are made at this time as well.
  3. Plans are Made
    College Station Homes – the architectural blueprints are finalized and all necessary plans are created for the basic building of the house structure and all the fixtures and accents that will go into it.
  4. Foundations and Framing
    Building begins at last. The house foundation is poured or built with all necessary plumbing connections included. The length of this process varies depending on the size of the home, how many plumbing connections are needed, current weather that affects the drying process and how long it takes to get everything inspected and okayed to move forward.Framing the house comes next. This creates the skeleton structure over which walls and roofs will be built. External walls will be fashioned from plywood.
  5. Utilities: HVAC and More
    All necessary pipes, tubes and wires are strung throughout the house. The furnace and hot water heater are installed as well as central air conditioning and internal vacuum if desired.
  6. Exterior Walls, Roofs and Interior Walls
    While the utilities are being put in place, the exterior walls of the house are also going up. First all structural pieces are included and then the attractive surfaces are installed. These could be brick, wood, siding, stucco or stone. The roof is also surfaced during this step.Insulation and drywall goes in next. This hides all the pipes and wires, protects them against weather and damage and makes the house look almost move-in ready. Walls will be painted or papered as per the owner’s request.
  7. Trim and Fixtures
    Besides wooden molding, chair rail or trim installation in the rooms and around windows and doors, any built in fixtures will also be added during this stage of custom home building. These include bathroom pieces such as the shower, tub and sinks, kitchen pieces like the countertops and all built-in cabinets, bookcases and other furniture types.
  8. Landscaping and Lawn
    As soon as the exterior painting or installation of siding or stone face is complete, the landscapers move in and work their magic. Hardscaping comes first. Patios and decks are created. If the home owner wants a pool or hot tub, they will go in next. Other options include outdoor fireplaces, gazebos and built in seating.Trees, shrubs and other plants come next after the possibility of destroying them with building materials is over. This is often handled by an outside company.
  9. Final Walkthrough and Checks
    The builder or designer and the home owner will conduct a final walk through of the property to make sure everything is exactly how they want it. All utilities and fixtures will be tested for proper function and all trim and accents should be examined. Any problems or complaints will be fixed right away by a reputable home builder in College Station, Texas.
  10. Closing and Keys
    A closing date is set, the bank or mortgage company signs off on the final papers and the custom home builders company’s keys are handed over to the proud home owners. They can now move in and add the final touches that will transform the expertly designed and built house into their home.

Custom Home Builder College Station

When searching for a quality home builder in College Stations Texas, the tips above will help you feel confident you’re choosing a company that will meet your needs. Researching the home builder process will help when you’re ready to get started!