College_Station_Home_BuildersHome design has evolved through the years, just as clothing trends have come and gone in the last few decades. Like any other design trend, home design from past to present is driven by foreign influences, weather, economic conditions, abundance of materials used in construction and design innovation among other things. Here’s a list of residential architecture trends that helped shape the current American home design that is used by College Station home builders.

  • American Colonial During the 1600’s to 1800’s., many settlers from around the world migrated to the United States, bringing along with them their own building traditions. At that time, house styles could be distinguished based on their origin. Some of the popular colonial designs at that time were: New England, Colonial Cape Cod, Spanish, German, Dutch, Georgian, and French Colonial. Some of these building design traditions still exist and are being incorporated into modern architectural designs.
  • Classical Early architectural design used in the United States also had roots in Greek architecture. This classical style, which became popular during the 1700’s and late 1800’s, is notable for large pillars, symmetrical shape, and bold yet simple molding. Today, this design is still being used widely for government buildings such as the U.S. Department of Treasury.
  • French After World War I, many American soldiers developed keen interest in French architecture. Combined with other heritages such as Spanish, African and Native American, this gave birth to new and unique design trends such as the French Colonial, Tidewater, French, French Provincial and French Eclectic.
  • Victorian From 1840 to the early 1900’s, the elaborate and huge Victorian style houses emerged. Large Victorian houses became popular at that time due to mass production of building parts, making it more affordable for the common American. Victorian style houses are known for their tall profile structures, tall windows, and elaborate designs.
  • Spanish and Mediterranean One of the groups of United States settlers that brought rich architectural heritage were the Spanish immigrants. Spanish architecture was combined with Mediterranean influences from places such as Italy, Portugal, Africa and Greece to give it a unique identity. From the 1600’s to today, the Spanish and Mediterranean architecture remains popular in America’s tropical states such as Florida.
  • Early 20th Century During the early 1900’s, College Station home builders have looked for a practical and economical architectural design. Influenced by the American colonial styles, the early 20th century houses were more like a compact version of American colonial housing. Designs that became popular were: Bungalow Style, Cotswold Cottage, and Spanish Mission House Style.
  • Post War Architecture Fueled by the need for compact and economical house design and the enormous demand of housing for soldiers returning from World War II, a new architectural trend emerged known as post-war houses. These houses were known for their functionality, simplicity, and low construction cost.
  • Prefab Houses Another type of housing design that continues to remain popular are the prefab houses. Prefabricated houses began in the early 1900’s when factories like Sears and Aladdin began mass producing construction materials that were already cut into certain lengths to make it ready for easy assembly. These houses come with all the materials needed to construct a full house. They became a popular construction choice because they are inexpensive to purchase and assemble and don’t require lengthy planning. Today, prefab houses are still being installed.

With such rich architectural history, the United States is one of the countries that has high building standards and innovates continuously in home building design including with College Station home builders. Hopefully this article has provided an overview on the various architectural trends in the U.S. for the past decades and into the future!.

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