College_Station_Home_BuildersIt is a well-known fact that home construction is a time-consuming, tedious, and expensive process. Thankfully, constructing a home does not have to be such a painstakingly difficult process with the help of modular building. According to College Station home builders, modular building or prefabrication has drastically revolutionized the way homes are constructed.

What is It?

Unlike conventional construction where materials are brought to the site with all work being done there; modular building is a unique type of construction process wherein all of the parts are made ahead of time and only have to be assembled at the construction site. To make this possible, the raw materials have already been cut, shaped and painted at a remote production facility. Every disassembled piece is then transported by flat bed trucks to the construction site to be reassembled, piece by piece, just like Lego parts.

Although many prefabricated houses are identical, buyers also have many options from which to select in order to customize a home according to individual tastes, including things such as the size of the floor area, the number of rooms, etc. In terms of aesthetics, it is safe to say that modular houses have taken a huge leap forward. It is now hard to identify prefabricated houses due to the elaborate and high-quality designs and engineering that are seen in them.


There are numerous positive reasons to consider about having a building made in such a fashion.

  • Low Cost One of the benefits of modular homes is their affordability. This low cost is due to the fact that the there is no need for elaborate blueprints and designs, as everything has already been handled and built by the manufacturer. The construction process itself can be done with relative ease, as every piece has been cut and painted at the production site. All College Station home builders have remaining is to hammer in the nails, use some screws and glue certain parts together in order for the home to be completely assembled.
  • Fast Construction A conventional home construction project can last anywhere from a few months to a year to complete; however, a modular home project can be completed in a matter of days or weeks because the most tedious part of the project consisting of the cutting and machining of each part has already been done. All that is necessary at the construction site itself is the preparation of the ground for the foundation, laying the foundation, and ensuring that each of the components is properly joined.
  • Reduces Waste With a conventional building project, various materials such as wood, steel and cement are brought to the site to build the house. Certain lengths of wood are cut, trimmed and shaved to get each piece to the right size, which can lead to a substantial amount of waste. With modular homes, there is virtually no alter any piece as every one has been cut to the right size at the production plant. Manufacturers of these types of buildings ensure that each individual part has been created so that there is as little waste as possible in order to maximize the use of all materials.
  • Flexible Design While prefabricated homes do have somewhat of a fixed design, there are also ways to customize each individual package to match a buyer’s requirements. Each module can be configured by joining anther one to it; like a top floor or a side extension to create an additional room. The customization option basically depends upon the design which usually varies from one manufacturer to another.

Modular building is a fast and inexpensive way to create a dream home that College Station home builders have explored and with which they are familiar. With today’s advances in materials and design, it is comparable to custom made homes in terms of design. Hopefully this article has provided some helpful information about modular building and its different benefits and advantages!

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