College Station Luxury Residences BuildersFor those who want a luxurious dwelling and want to be an inhabitant of upper class communities, being up-to-date about what makes up this type of residence is imperative. Learning about this upper-class form of living is necessary to find the best home and make the most out of a million-dollar investment. This emerging luxury residence trend can be readily created by home builders College Station with in-house architects and designers.

Luxurious House Composition

People who are looking for a luxurious residence usually have a long list of amenities to be included such as steam rooms, saunas as well as game and media rooms. The goal is to have fun and maintain wellness under one roof. In particular, there is a high demand for smaller, high technology lap pools such as the “endless pool” and other similar swim spas. Along with these extravagant facilities, other luxury items are requested, such as: his-and-hers bathrooms; walk-in closets; dressing rooms; and multi-car garages. For a million-dollar property, there may also be “his-and-her” living areas and many more gender specific spaces.

Environmentally-friendly elements are becoming one of the highest priorities demanded in many luxury houses. In fact, many of those spending such large sums of money for a home are concerned about investing in things that will not harm the environment. Choosing geothermal or solar powered heating and cooling systems or using building materials that are non-toxic are some of the requested items. In the kitchens, a demand for “green” materials such as metal or glass is a good option instead of using plastic. In addition, when thinking of the safety and security of the whole house, some install back-up generators; secure wireless networks; and other security systems that are state-of-the-art as well as building a safe room are examples of security products that are in-demand in the luxury home market.

Cozy Kitchens and Catchalls

In the past, houses may have had one kitchen; these luxury home designs are built with special catering kitchens and even mini-kitchens in the master bedroom in addition to the main kitchen For houses located in climates that allow outdoor kitchens, these specialty outdoor areas are made with granite countertops, stainless-steel grills, wine coolers, icemakers, and warming. This kitchen space is equipped with a refrigerator, a kitchen sink, an elaborate grill and anything else that may be desired. In addition, there is an area built adjacent to the kitchen that is called the hearth or keeping room that holds a computer for home usage. It is where children can work on homework and the whole household can surf the internet together.

Garages and Great Outdoors

Home builders College Station are able to make cutting edge garages with clean and crisp spaces equipped with the latest organizing systems, wall-mounted TVs, one or two beverage refrigerators and impressive tool storage areas. Outdoor living areas in which to relax is also one factor that affluent buyers are demanding. Swimming pools and elaborate gardens are common outdoor accessories. Another popular amenity that is usually present outdoors is a multi-sport court or an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

There are so many choices offered by home builders College Station for those who are looking forward to owning a luxurious house in a prominent community. These design experts are highly creative and can provide clients with the latest trends that will exceed normal expectations. These emerging trends in luxury homes may not be the goal of many; for those who do fit into this category, there are many options available that can please even the most discriminating luxury home buyers!

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