College_Station_Home_BuildersThroughout history, home styles and housing types have come in a wide variety so that all tastes are met when a new house is being planned. The history of home building yields a wealth of information about various styles of residences. From this information, it can be seen how home designs from the past have been an immense influence on College Station home builders. Listed below is a selection of home styles, both long-ago and current, which represent some of the more popular home building designs.

  • Colonial Cape Cod – This home style was brought into popularity by English colonists. The first home of this kind in America was built in the 17th century and became a popular house during the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. This type of house can be found most frequently in the northeastern part of the United States. The house is generally made of wood with a wide clapboard or shingles. The roof design is steep and usually has side gables. Each of the rooms’ fireplaces is linked into a large central chimney. The windows are usually designed to be double-hung and double-paned. The exterior has little ornamentation and has dormers to provide ventilation, light and space. The floors are usually made from hardwood.
  • Georgian Colonial – During the 1700’s, this style became very popular in the Southern colonies and New England because of its very spacious and comfortable architecture. Compared to British styles, American home style tends to be less ornate. This house style features a front door that is crowned over with decorative woodwork. The door center is paneled and each side of the door has flattened columns. The house shape is usually symmetrical or square with paired chimneys. The roof is commonly medium in height with minimal roof overhang.
  • Federal and Adams Style – Originating from the British Isles, the two Adam brothers designed a home that adapted the Georgian styles to include more delicate details. Americans were then inspired by the brothers’ work as well as by the great architecture of ancient Rome and Greece and began building this type of home style with Palladian windows which are elliptical or circular. The rooms are generally oval-shaped with walls that have recessed arches.
  • Queen Anne – This romantic home style is the product of the new technologies that accompanied the industrial revolution that happened in the 1880’s and 1890’s. This home style features a steep roof with a front-facing gable. The shape is complicated and asymmetrical with towers that are either round or square. Walls are usually textured surfaces with patterned masonry or decorative shingles and bay windows.
  • Ranch – This simple home style design began to gain popularity between the years of1945 through1980, a period during which some critics referred to this home as having ‘no style’ at all. Since then, it has earned its own designation and has been built in almost every part of the United States. This single story simple house has many features such as a low-pitched gable roof with deep-set eaves. The simple floor plan of the house may have a rectangular, U-shaped or L-shaped layout with an attached garage. The exterior is usually made from natural materials such as wood or bricks.

The Queen Anne style may be chosen because of its romantic design or the Federal Style to display a national identity. Out of all the home styles to choose from, what matters most is how each home owner feels about their house. We can work with any design style, from the simplest to the most complex.

The home styles explained above show how rapidly residential architecture has changed and has adapted different design influences over the centuries. Knowing this information will undoubtedly be helpful when planning for home building or remodeling.

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