6There are many reasons to consider the remodeling or reconstruction of a bathroom. It can add considerable value to a home; reflect the personality of the occupants; update an out-of-date configuration; and create a look that is sleek and modern for household members and guests. There several factors to consider when designing this space such as: size; cost; style; and any necessary safety features. College Station builders can help the design and creation of such an area and incorporate all of these factors into the building plans.

  • Size – It is important to first decide how much space is wanted for this remodeling project. A small renovation will incur less expense in comparison to the cost of creating a larger bathroom. The material necessary for this design, such as tiles or stone as well as the cost of water and electricity, will definitely add to the overall expense.
  • Cost – Before starting a renovation, it is imperative to know the projected cost of the entire remodeling project, as budget is vital to completion. Creating a list of everything necessary to complete the renovation will be helpful in deciding the budget.
  • Style – The overall design of this space should be given a great deal of consideration, particular with areas such as decorative accents and lighting; these items promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Matching together certain styles will help create a totally amazing new area.
  • Safety – For some modern designs, College Station builders recommend that certain safety features be included such as bath or shower handlebars, safety glass doors, lower towel bars, special shower curtains, and large mirrors; however, some of these features are more the concern of households with older adults.

Common Features

There are some features of a bathroom that are typically replaced when a bathroom rejuvenation project is undertaken. Listed below are some of them:

  • Fixtures These important items are often considered as the first thing to be considered with bathroom remodeling. In a modern design, fixtures add beauty and style to the overall appearance of the bathroom.
  • Tile Floors and walls should properly match; fixtures and tile should be coordinated to avoid looking awkward or mismatched. The various combinations of tile should reflect modern tastes and accentuate the overall style of the bathroom.
  • Lighting This factor is a functional part of the bathroom space. It is essential to install the right kind of lighting fixtures to achieve the best aesthetic appearance; it should be done strategically. The type, size, and style of the lights should match the overall theme of the bathroom. Be sure to remember that different types of lights should be used for various purposes, such as mood lighting for relaxation and regular lighting for normal, everyday bathroom needs.


It does not have to cost a lot to create a wonderfully renovated bathroom; there are inexpensive methods that can be used to make a space appear larger. This could include:

  • Wallpaper with vertical stripes.
  • Walls painted in pastel colors.
  • Light colored tiles.
  • Cupboards and shelves installed high on the wall to make the room appear larger.
  • Sliding or “pocket” door rather than a standard door.
  • Sconces to illuminate darker areas.
  • Lower-walled bathtub to create more space.

When updating a bathroom, there are many important factors to consider in the creation of an elegant appearance. The use of flooring to provide natural warmth and accessories to accentuate the visual appearance of the area are just a few ideas to use in an overall design project. This type of renovation can often be very expensive when using only the best material and fixtures. It would be appropriate to seek the help of College Station builders to design a beautiful bathroom that is elegant, affordable, safe, and relaxing!

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