012When designing and building a house, safety should be a primary concern. Every architect and designer should keep in mind that the building should provide safety for the occupants from various natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, snow, etc. According to CGM Home Builders, even with modern standards only a few designs can provide sufficient protection from such disasters. One of them is called Structural Insulated Panels or SIP’s.


Structural Insulated Panels are a patented design that utilizes incredibly strong yet lightweight composite material similar to the ones used on turbine blades. This type of building can be categorized as prefabrication, as major components have to be assembled at a production site and transported right to the building site.

Unlike traditional buildings that rely mainly on steel, concrete, and wood for strength, Structural Insulated Panels are unique because it doesn’t rely on conventional building materials. Instead, it utilizes a relatively new material called E-glass fiber fabric. This high tensile strength material is sandwiched around foam to create rigid panels that can then be used to form various components such as walls, ceilings as well as beams and columns.

Each individual panel is then held in place by the same composite material that comes in liquid form. Once each part is glued in place, the result is a monolithic like structure that has the strength to withstand and survive various natural disasters.


Just from its description it can be seen that there are many benefits to the use of SIP’s for building construction; some of them are listed below.

  • Durable The biggest benefit of an SIP is its durability. The creators of the product wanted to come up with a material that could stand the toughest environmental conditions; somehow that objective was achieved. Compared to structures built using traditional material, ones built using SIP’s have a deflection property of 20% unlike the traditional which with an average of 5%. This means that it is less likely to crumble or crack than conventional material. Aside from its strength, the material also boasts high fire retardant property, water proofing, mold resistance, and termite infestation resistance
  • Low Cost Prefabricated dwellings are known for their low cost; however, the developers of SIP’s were aiming to make this product affordable to the masses. With the current production costs, it is estimated that a house with 1,250 square feet would range from 50 to 60 thousand dollars total cost. Considering the durability and quality of the building material, it is surely going to be an outstanding value to clients.
  • Easy to Build With any prefabricated homes, building is very easy and the same thing applies to SIP’s. Unlike conventional construction which can take as long as months to years, prefabricated home construction can take College Station builders as little as days to a couple of weeks to complete.
  • Energy Efficiency Because the structure of SIP’s is made of foam, there is also high thermal insulation property. In fact, its creators boast that the material has an insulating factor higher than that of refrigerators.
  • Flexibility Standard panels come in a range of sizes and the largest can be used to build structures of up to three stories high. Increasing the floor area of an existing structure is just a matter of adding another monolithic SIP extension. Customization is also possible with the material as each panel can be painted and covered with wallpaper and other aesthetic elements.

Natural disasters know no time and place and can strike at any time. That is why it is important to give a high priority to safety whenever choosing a home design that is completed by College Station builders. For building in areas that are prone to natural disasters, the use of the prefabricated Structural Insulated Panels could indeed bring the possibility of building disaster proof buildings!

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