5 Built-In Cabinets - Solutions for Storage and Style

Ideas for Built in Cabinets

Built-in cabinets are some of the most useful and architecturally interesting home renovations to undertake in an existing home. Consider the following 5 built-in cabinets solutions to not only increase the amount of storage space you have in your home, but also to increase it with style that extends far beyond a boring closet.

Storage Solutions

1 – Built-In Kitchen Cabinets are Essential

When it comes to built-in cabinets, kitchens are the first place a person thinks of. Every kitchen is chock full of both upper and lower cabinets, special shelving, cabinets in the countertop island or and sometimes even an extra pantry in a nearby closet. When designing built-in cabinets for the kitchen, remember convenience above all else.

2 – Built-In Bathroom Cabinets for Storage in a Small Space

Because most bathrooms are quite a bit smaller than other rooms in the house, they need more storage solutions. While there are attractive free-standing cabinets and shelving, using built-in options creates a more cohesive look while maximizing every inch of space.

3 – Built-In Bookcases and Living Room Cabinets

A family who loves their media will always appreciate built-in cabinets designed to house the flats screen television, DVD player, game consoles and stereo equipment. Combining these closed cabinets with plenty of shelves for books and displaying art or favorite personal items can create a truly unique wall full.

4 – Built-In Bedroom Closets

Unless the master bedroom is graced with a walk in closet space, the couple will always need more storage for their clothes, shoes and other belongings. In a kid’s bedroom, this need for storage extends to toys, craft supplies and sports gear as well. Not only can built-in cabinets and closets provide extra space, but they can also be constructed in such a way as to create a separation in the room for a more private dressing area or a reading nook in a cozy corner.

5 – Outdoor Built-In Storage Solutions

Built-in cabinets and shelving can be useful in any room of the house, but outside living areas can also benefit from custom solutions. Instead of storing toys, gardening gear and outdoor cushions in an inconvenient shed or the garage, why not have custom cabinets and bins built right into the deck or patio area. These frequently double as seating as well.

Custom Cabinets

The most important thing to remember when considering custom cabinets, shelves and closets is to contract with an experienced professional to get the job done. Poor measuring or craftsmanship can leave you with a big problem if the cabinets don’t fit the specific space they were intended to.

Custom Cabinets