College_Station_Home_BuildersBuilding a custom house is a substantial project, especially during strained economic times; yet it is  a lifelong dream for many. A decision to custom build should only be made after extensive research. For those who are looking to build rather than buy, discussing this ahead of time with College Station home builders is a great way to prepare. Working with an experienced, reputable contractor who can: help with the pre-planning; create a design to include desired wants and needs; and eliminate problem-causing oversights would be extremely advantageous.


Once a building plan has been finalized and the necessary funding has been secured, the biggest challenge becomes keeping the project within an estimated budget from the very beginning in order to avoid the risk of running out of funding before the house is completed. It is usually recommended that available funds be at least ten percent more than the estimated budget; this allows for a buffer in case material costs more than originally planned or some a change or new idea is added to the original design. As with anything else, there are ways to trim a few non-essential corners and save a certain amount of money on a custom house.

One thing that is never recommended is to scrimp on any of the more critical expenses which would include jobs that should be left to the professionals, such as electrical installation. Once the main structure has been constructed, there are ways in which, with a little motivation, money can be saved. Following are just a few of such approaches:

  • Design – The most money to be saved when custom building with College Station home builders is before construction even begins, namely with the original design plan. A smaller house with well-thought design that efficiently and effectively uses space will be more economical than a larger structure. Reducing the size of a house wherever possible and creatively planning interior space can be extremely cost-effective. Consider doing without a formal living room and basically keeping the shape simple can save money. See about adding a second floor or even an attic floor to save area on the lot for other beneficial items. Heating and cooling efficiency should also be considered to keep the design energy-efficient.
  • Bargains – An excellent way to cut overall costs is to bargain shop. Items such as flooring, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing, light fixtures, windows and doors can be purchased at a discount with a little effort to find such advantageous purchases. Building surplus stores; construction salvage and recyclables; closeouts; and clearances can yield a surprisingly wide selection of greatly-reduced necessary items, maybe saving up to two-thirds of the retail cost. Paint, wall coverings and moldings can be found the same way; just be sure there is a sufficient amount available to complete the job. The amount of money to be saved by discount shopping is unlimited. Some of the finishing work can be a DIY project, leaving the more intensive, technical work to the contractor, which will save on finishing costs.
  • Landscaping – A lot of money can be spent on even basic landscaping. While it is also possible to discount shop for landscaping material, much of the cost involved is labor which is DIY project that can be undertaken even after the structure is completed.

Custom building a new home is certainly a major undertaking that comes with a major cost. With the help of College Station home builders  and careful attention to the cost-cutting ways listed above, a residence can be constructed on a budget and results in a beautiful, high quality, custom home!

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