Engineered Foundation

Over the years, the question of whether or not to have a homeĀ’s foundation engineered has come up numerous times. Is it worth the extra cost to drill 20-25 feet into the ground to get soil samples and have them analyzed in the lab? Our answer is yes.

Top Staircase Remodels for Entrance Elegance

Most homes have their staircases prominently positioned in or near the front hallway. When you, your family and guests come in by the main entrance, you see the staircase leading upstairs. It has become a focal point of the foyer and you want it to look its best to improve the first impression visitors have of your home.

Home Renovations for an Updated Style

Although the idea of a newly constructed custom home is exciting for many property owners, the financial reality is that knocking down an existing house to build new or buying a new piece of empty land for construction is outside the realm of reality.

Unique Ceiling Treatments for a Stylish Home

When a homeowner first thinks about having a renovation or remodeling job down by a custom home builder, he may imagine artfully painted walls, built-in cabinets and imported tile work on the floors.

Floor Remodeling Ideas

The floors are one of the most well-used design elements in a house and thus usually get replaced first during a remodeling. If you are a homeowner in the College Station, TX area who wants to replace the floors in one or more rooms in your home, you may want to consider some of the most popular materials and styles found in Texas.

Built-In Cabinets: Solutions for Storage and Style

Built-in cabinets are some of the most useful and architecturally interesting home renovations to undertake in an existing home. Most are custom built solutions to storage problems and also a way to ramp up the style of every room in the house.

Life’s a Party With a Custom Built Wet Bar

Custom home builders can do more than create a whole new house for you and your family. For existing properties, renovations can make living there more pleasant and even drive up property value.

Interviewing Builders to Find the Perfect One

There are multiple custom home builders in College Station, TX and while we think we are the best for all your home building and customization needs, we understand the need to feel confident with your decision of which customer home builders to use for your new or existing property.

Kitchen & Bath Renovations Improve Home Value

The main reason to hire a custom home builder in College Station, TX for a home renovation or remodeling project is to improve the functionality and enjoyment you get out of your own home. For example, if you love to cook and have an outdated kitchen, remodeling it completely into your dream cooking space will be worth it to you personally.

Home Remodeling Options with CGM Home Builders

Although custom home builders in College Station, TX can build a luxurious and unique home from the ground up, they also can offer custom remodeling options for various rooms in an existing house. If you wish to add additional style, functionality or value to your home, consider hiring custom builders.

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