035Both the rising costs of power and concerns about environmental footprints are two factors that are always in the spotlight every time people talk about building an energy-efficient home. There are many approaches to take during the construction process that can have a great effect on lowering the cost of electric bills without compromising the aesthetics and comfort of the building. When searching for the right home builders College Station, looking in the surrounding area is a good place to start as local contractors have first-hand knowledge about local construction needs.


Following are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed from an energy efficient home:

  • Monthly Mortgage Savings – The decision to construct a home with “green” features may add as much as $200.00 per month to the mortgage payment. The good part of this decision is that with these added features, there is a large reduction in power usage which can save up to $300.00 per month on the electricity bill. Obviously, the savings here offset any cost factors.
  • Reduced Construction Costs – Building a “green” structure can actually lower some of the construction costs. For instance, choosing a good insulation system will allow the contractor to install a smaller, less costly air-conditioning and heating system.
  • Guaranteed Performance Level – Most contractors find that incorporating some of these advanced energy-efficient techniques into the building plan allows for a lifetime of high energy performance in the home.

Quality Thermal Boundaries

One of the most common strategies for energy-efficient construction is creating a quality thermal boundary also referred to as a building “envelope” which refers to the exterior shell of a house that contains the insulation, windows/doors and air barriers. This method of construction has a great impact on the efficiency of the entire house. Reputable home builders College Station should pay close attention to the thermal boundaries of the house since this really affects the cost effectiveness of the construction that will leave both societal and environmental footprints.

The following advantages can be enjoyed by carefully looking at the thermal boundaries of the house.

  • Energy Saving – Thermal boundaries play a big role in the heating and cooling conditions of the space which in turn plays a big role in the overall energy usage. With quality thermal boundaries, the cost of the heating and cooling system will be much lower.
  • Air Quality – Improving thermal boundaries enables there to be greater control over the air quality inside a house. Though the building needs to breathe, owners should be able to control how, when and where that happens. As a result, the heating and air-conditioning system will be much more affordable and inside comfort will be better controlled.
  • Low Maintenance – Close attention during construction must be given to thermal boundaries as they can actually last for decades with very little attention. Then the only concern will be about the maintenance and replacement of the heating and cooling system.

When looking for the right home builders College Station contractors, that company should be able to construct energy-efficient structures that will be beneficial to all residents. From using recycled construction materials to purchasing energy efficient equipment, the “green” movement is everywhere. Contractors familiar with these concepts can help increase the performance of a house in terms of energy efficiency!

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