Beautiful Ways To Use Stone in A Texas Custom Home

Although a variety of natural and manufactured building materials go into the construction of custom-built homes, stone is one of the most popular used in the College Station, Texas area. Home builders who design and raise luxury homes in this area to stone for its durability, style flexibility and sheer majestic appearance. Homeowners can enjoy the look of their very own castle or perhaps a rustic large or old time ranch house that just isn’t possible with vinyl siding or shingles.

Many Texas homes also use stone for hardscape applications such as walkways, walls, patios, planters and landscape accents. Some of the more popular types include granite, marble, limestone and sandstone, although there are both genuine and faux river rock With such a magnificent natural material, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Stone Exteriors

Stone can be applied to every exterior wall, just the front of the house or partial walls as well. Two popular options is to finish the foundation with stone and then extended about halfway up the exterior walls or to use stone on some of the smaller walls, such as those around front door or near a protruding knock or window ledges. The rest of the walls can be covered with brick or siding.

Stone is also a very popular material for accents inside the house. Of course, everyone has seen a stone floor, chimney, fireplace and mantle, but stone is being used for other accents as well. Custom home builders use lighter weight stone paneling or cut stone for accent walls in different rooms throughout the house. It is great for a kitchen backsplash as well as long as the stone is sealed against stains and discoloration. Columns, staircases and arch or doorways can also be finished with this naturally versatile material.

Stone is much more popular for outdoor living spaces however. Professional builders who understand how to turn a custom luxury home into an oasis of tranquility and fun frequently use stone for patios and porches, rock walls that border the property or different garden sections, surrounds for swimming pools and ponds and even built in benches, light fixtures and fire or barbecue pits.

Homes in the¬†College Station area frequently features stone exterior and interior treatments. Not only do these sturdy materials stand up to harsh weather conditions and last for many years, they provide a unique look that suits the buyer’s personal taste. Gray granite accents on a white brick house can give the appearance that a man’s home is truly his castle. Multi-hued sandstone and stucco can bring a flare of Central America to your Texas abode. Rough river rock and wood siding brings the flavor of a southern ranch to your neighborhood. The matter what style of home you like, experienced custom home builders can find a way to use stone to give it an amazing finished look.